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updated: 11/10/2011 9:54 PM

Spellman's scorecard: Cutler, Frazier & more

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  • This week Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has scored a lot of points on and off the field, says Mike Spellman.

    This week Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has scored a lot of points on and off the field, says Mike Spellman.
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Getting warmer:

Forbes this week came out with a poll of the most disliked NFL players and -- not surprisingly -- Eagles quarterback Mike Vick topped the list.

Jay Cutler also made a strong showing in the poll, but that might not last if the Bears keep winning and Cutler keeps helping himself by making appearances like he did this week on the "Waddle and Silvy" show.

Good stuff:

From Cutler saying he would pick up the tab for Earl Bennett's $5,000 fine for wearing orange shoes to playfully calling Julius Peppers a cyborg for competing at a high level despite a bum knee to his faux amazement that former haters like Trent Dilfer are now actually on his bandwagon, the guy absolutely turned on the charm ... and the funny.

He should try it more often.

The front-runner:

Just for conjuring up the image of holding and burping Carlos Zambrano, prospective Cubs manager Mike Maddux immediately moves to the top of the list.

Just wondering:

If Cutler also could pony up the cash so the Bears won't have to wear those orange jerseys on Sunday?

Seriously, I'd rather listen to the Kars for Kids song on a continuous loop than see the Bears … wait, scratch that.


Now you probably can't get that song out of your head.

Down goes Frazier:

Since I was a little guy eating my Quisp and hearing all about his victory over Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier has always been my guy.

Even though he didn't do much after that night in Madison Square Garden, he was something to behold. Often going up against bigger, stronger, faster opponents -- the guy just never quit.

Rest in peace, Joe.

Watching the market:

On Wednesday evening, Joellen Ferrer from StubHub informed me that ticket prices for Saturday's Penn State-Nebraska game were up between 25 and 50 percent.

By Thursday morning they were down about 25 percent ... and falling fast.

Instant smile:

Watching Andy Reid in the Punt, Pass and Kick competition from many moons ago. Check it out. You won't be sorry.

Rare miss:

The Hawks have done so many things right since the regime change, and I'm not sure if it's a Hawks thing or a WGN thing, but the between period live shots from the concourse have become absolutely unwatchable.

Yeah, the Hawks are exciting and the fans are into it, we get that. But watching dozens of fans yell and pose and generally distract while the hosts are trying to be professional and recap the action makes for Must Flee TV … until the game resumes, of course.


Since 2004, the beloved are 18-12 in November.

Make that:


The NBA lockout must end!

If only for the welfare of Benny the Bull, and Bill Wennington, and whoever else the organization can find to go out and perform wacky PR stunts just to keep the team's name floating about.

All about the game:

Keep wondering how the on-campus reaction to Joe Paterno's firing would have different had he been, say, the beloved chair of the Sciences and Technology Department rather than the beloved coach of the football team.

Tasmanian devil:

John Daly, ranked 666th in the world, hits 6 straight shots into the water at this week's Australian Open and promptly walks off the course.

How many times can he keep doing this?

He said it:

"Someone's going to throw some money at that dude…. He's not the fastest guy, the quickest guy, but you put him against anybody and I'm going to bet on Earl; he's going to get open for you. "

-- Jay Cutler, on why the Bears should give Earl Bennett a new contract.

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