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updated: 8/26/2011 4:37 AM

Socialism? We're already there

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Socialism already here in many ways

Once again I feel compelled to reply to someone accusing President Obama of an agenda for socialism. I have news for Mr. Hanley of Park Ridge (Fence Post, Aug. 4). We are already there. I would like him to specify what socialist programs he would like eliminated: let's start with national parks, public libraries, subsidies to the oil, gas and agriculture industries (subsidies that Repuplicans refuse to eliminate), Medicare, Social Security, etc. All the foregoing are socialist programs.

The Scandinavian democracies (emphasis on democracies) all have socialist economies and are, in many measurements, better of then we are. Will Mr. Hanley give us his rights to Social Security and Medicare? I strongly doubt it.

Michael Lee