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posted: 7/24/2011 3:00 PM

Rainbow Falls pool a disappointment

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I am a new resident of Elk Grove. I decided to take my children to Rainbow Falls swimming pool on Sunday, July 17.

The first thing that caught my eye was the parking lot. I thought I made a wrong turn into a junk yard. The trash in the parking lot was unreal. Plastic bottles and McDonald's bags, paper, cups, plastic bottles strew all over the place. Does anyone clean the lot? First of all I could not believe people in the suburbs would use the world as their garbage can!

The next thing I noticed was the price for nonresidents. Most pools charge $2 or $3 more for a nonresident. Here they charge a resident $8 and the non $14. I guess that's to discourage people from coming because the overcrowding of this pool was unreal.

Then I noticed the pool looked like the parking lot. In the eating area there was pizza, melted ice cream, more water bottles, and pop cans scattered all over the place. Little kids could very easily have walked on any of this garbage. One child urinated on the ground in the eating area and the parents didn't even bother to rinse it down.

The deep end had no diving boards. There is too much novelty stuff in the water taking room away from badly needed swimming area. There is no lifeguard by the slide making sure the children go down one at a time, or watching for bangups at the bottom.

I love the village of Elk Grove, but that is my first and last visit to your swimming pool. There are a lot better, bigger, cleaner pools in other suburbs.

Maybe with the extra dollars from the nonresidents you can hire a cop to really enforce and write littering tickets in the area!

Joann Zamora

Elk Grove Village