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updated: 6/21/2011 10:02 AM

Little Red Riding Hood: The Wolf's Side

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By Eray Durson
Ms. Crawford's class

Here's my story ... One day I was walking in the woods and was very hungry. I began looking for some food. I found some apples on an apple tree and some leftovers from some hikers, but the best stuff I found was Little Red's food that she was bringing to her granny.

I found Little Red with a basket filled with food and told her to pick some flowers for her granny. She was startled that I was being nice to her but she still thought it was a great idea. I went ahead of Little Red to see Granny to ask if I could eat with them.

I headed toward Granny's house and I beat Little Red there. I asked Granny if I could eat with them once Little Red arrived. Granny wanted me to look good for the meal, so she brushed my teeth (well, started to) and she slipped and fell down my throat. I was scared because Little Red was coming and she would be mad if she found out that I ate Granny. So, I put on some of Granny's clothes to make Little Red think I was Granny.

Little Red arrived and I answered the door. She recognized me and yelled, "I thought you were nice!" She smacked me on my nose with all her might. I started to lose oxygen. As I was trying to get air into my mouth, I accidentally sucked a screaming Little Red down my throat.

Apparently, a woodsman heard and came at me with his ax. I ran away to his car and drove away as fast as I could. Later, he found me and used the Heimlich maneuver on me. I coughed up Little Red and Granny and started to breathe normally again.

I told them all it was an accident, we became best friends and finally sat down and ate Little Red's food. That sure was a lot of drama just for one small meal!