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    These are boundaries of the tax increment finanicing district in dispute between Mount Prospect and the Northwest Suburban High School District 214.

    Editorial: Taxpayers will take hit for lack of compromise

    A Daily Herald editorial says the inability of the village of Mount Prospect and Northwest Suburban High School District 214 to settle a lawsuit means taxpayes will get stuck with the legal bill.

    Keith Peterson

    Survey: Americans still want active role in foreign affairs

    Guest columnist Keith Peterson: President Donald Trump promised a foreign policy that in fundamental ways was radically different from the foreign policy pursued by both Republican and Democratic presidents since World War II. Are Americans embracing this shift?


    Crime data report is step toward transparency
    A letter to the editor: The new data report issued by Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx (Report: Suburban Cook County has more DUI cases than Chicago, Daily Herald, Oct. 17) is a bold and refreshing step toward transparency in government and criminal justice reform.


    We also have right to despise protesters
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: Augustin Garcia states in the Oct. 20 edition of the Daily Herald that he was drafted in the ‘60s and is a veteran and a proud voter who believes we should stand during the playing of our national anthem but says we have the liberty to kneel while it is being played and be free to do so. I agree with Mr. Garcia.


    Our democracy is at a crossroads
    A Rolling Meadows letter to the editor: There are evil forces influencing our president and other branches of our government.


    District 15 is a crisis of our own making
    Letter to the editor: Palatine writer says the District 15 community could have prevented the problems that now engulf the district.


    A lot of misleading data is coming out of District 15
    There is so much misleading, if not inaccurate, data regarding the support personnel of District 15.I continue to read that the pay scale goes from $11.30 to $37. The only personnel who could possibly reach $37 per hour are 12-month secretaries who have been employed for many, many years.Nurses are the next highest paid with a very meager salary for their schooling and responsibility but they could never hope to get near $37. Program assistants start at $11.30 and go as high as, possibly $19, well over 20 years’ employment. This affects a very small percentage.There are 15 elementary schools and four junior high schools in District 15. Each school has one nurse and one secretary. Only 15 employees (secretaries) out of the 454 support staff could possibly see $37. This is deceiving data.As for sick days, you would need to have 170 sick days already banked before receiving 24. What a minuscule amount of support staff this would affect. In addition, no payment is made to a retiree for even 200 sick days.If a retiree has 200 days (that is the max), they are given credit of one month for every 20 sick days amounting to roughly another $10 on their monthly pension check. This data is so misleading to the public. Take the time to be informed. Blanket statements of support staff asking for 24 sick days and of 454 people making up to $37 is a complete misconception.Amy NellPingree Grove


    Let another serve on Buffalo Grove board
    Letter to the editor: A Buyffalo Grove writer says Jeff Braiman should not be appointed to the Buffalo Grove village board, since he has already had a turn there.

    Deb Lecos

    GOP gun raffle no help to PTSD victims
    A Crystal Lake letter to the editor: On Friday, Oct. 13, a protest was held in Kildeer, outside a dinner sponsored by the Lake County GOP. Two-dozen guns were being raffled off, including semi-automatic rifles and AR-15s.


    Time to say no to big government
    A Wheaton letter to the editor: I am becoming a rare breed of person who believes in a small and limited government and in personal freedoms.


    With Las Vegas tragedy comes lawyers
    A Wood Dale letter to the editor: Las Vegas will face a new tragedy with the arrival of the lawyers.


    Marx and Alinsky would be proud
    A Pingree Grove letter to the editor: The leftists cannot accept the fact that their presidential candidate lost the election, and they’re “fighting back” with a vengeance. Ignoring the rule of law and anarchy is increasingly prevalent.


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