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    Even if it’s repealed, the sweetened-beverage tax will figure so prominently in the coming Cook County board elections that it could obscure other critical issues, including, potentially, how to address a $200 million budget shortfall..

    Editorial: Cook County races should be about more than beverage tax

    The millions of dollars from outsiders that will be poured into the 2018 Cook County races may make it hard to see there is more than a sweetened beverage tax at stake in this election, a Daily Herald editorial says.


    A feminist surprise

    Columnist Georgie Anne Geyer: When the modern women’s movement jumped into gear in the 1970s, one of the most impassioned hopes of many was that women, once in power, would change the world.

    Ralph Martire

    College-bound students are noticing Illinois’ lack of commitment

    Guest columnist Ralph Martire: Much consternation has recently been expressed over declining student enrollment in Illinois’ public universities, and for good reason.


    Find a better way
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: It’s a shame when football players who live in a country where they have the ability to earn millions of dollars can’t at least pretend to show a little pride in singing their national anthem.


    Shame on NFL for permitting protests
    A Mettawa letter to the editor: The Daily Herald carried The Washington Post story on President Trump’s tweets on how NFL team owners should deal with protesting players saying “Trump turned professional sports into a political battleground.”


    Trump wants to be king, not president
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: Professional sport figures kneeling during the national anthem do not intend to disrespect the flag and the American ideals for which it stands (many have lost loved ones defending it) but rather to protest racism and the man who disingenuously uses our flag as a prop to spew his dangerous and bullish rhetoric.


    (No heading)
    Shame on NFL for permitting protestsThe Daily Herald carried The Washington Post story on President Trump’s tweets on how NFL team owners should deal with protesting players saying “Trump turned professional sports into a political battleground.” Clarification: It was Colin Kaepernick who turned professional sports into a political battleground by not respecting our country and flag while representing his employer. If Mr. Kaepernick wanted to attend a sporting event representing nobody other than himself and not stand for the national anthem, I doubt anyone would give it another thought. The reason this issue gets attention is because he chose to make his statement as a San Francisco 49er and NFL player, which created the controversy. Shame on the NFL for allowing this behavior. There are strict standards regarding game day socks, wristbands, headbands (recall Jim McMahon’s “Roselle”?) and shoes. Behaviors like excessive celebration and taunting are penalized — all this without a word about a player’s freedom of personal expression.” If someone hires an individual to perform and entertain paying customers who invest money and/or time to enjoy a game and escape the stresses of life, it is reasonable to expect that they respect their employer, fans and the symbols of America and those who fight to protect it. Not doing so speaks volumes about their character. I have no idea if this individual has been blackballed from football, but can understand the need for team executives to staff with individuals better suited to achieve the goals of the organization. Team sporting events are not the place for airing personal beliefs or political grandstanding. Keith GrayMettawaOnly my curiosityWhat happened that nobody gives us any money when we have disasters — like we given to others through the world because we care? Only they say America doesn’t need any money — they are rich. es — we are rich at our heart. No matter how rich we are, we care about others who need help, and we died for them far away in strange countries. No others do and never say thank you. Otto ValnohaFox Lake


    New Jefferson needed, but not in Graf Park
    A Wheaton letter to the editor: I’m writing to express concern about Wheaton Warrenville Unit District 200’s plan to swap land with the Wheaton Park District to build a new Jefferson early learning center adjacent to Monroe Middle School, on land currently known as Graf Park.


    Let’s take a stand: Turn off NFL and NBA
    An Elgin letter to the editor: Professional athletes are paid to perform. The minute they step on the field they are being paid by my extreme ticket prices.

    High school football is a right of autumn in the suburbs.

    Is high school football safe for our kids? Share your thoughts.
    High school football can be a rough and injury-prone sport, even for the best athletes. Do you think it’s a safe sport for kids to play? We want to hear from you.


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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