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    Fighting fires is a dangerous job done by brave, highly trained people. Crews fighting a fire on Hickory Nut Grove Lane near Cary had to rescue one of their own.

    Editorial: Respect for the service, training of those who fight fires

    A Daily Herald editorial “Mayday” rescue during a McHenry County blaze reflects the guts and training of those who fight fires for a living.

    Javeed Akhter

    Time is running out for sensible health care

    Guest columnist Javeed Akhter: The Congressional Budget Office report makes it clear that if the Republican plan goes into effect millions, as many as 15 million in the first year of the plan itself, may lose health coverage. It is also a no brainer that lack of insurance equals poor health and even loss of life.


    Is this glass master really a Republican?
    A West Chicago letter to the editor: The article on Dale Chihuly in the Daily Herald’s July 9 Home & Garden section accurately describes him as the most famous glass artist of our time. I never miss an opportunity to visit one of his beautiful, creative and impressive displays whenever I am near enough to reach one.


    Why does New Yorker care about Midwest?
    An Oswego letter to the editor: Who is this Kirsten Gillibrand, and why is she stalking me? She’s been peppering my email box with political surveys. It seems that she’s an upstate (Albany) New Yorker who serves as junior to Chuck Schumer, Democrat U.S. senator.


    Real health care problem is the cost
    An Elgin letter to the editor: The battle between Obama Care and Trump Care ignores the real problem that both sides mention but don’t do anything about.


    Let’s working on fixing the ACA
    A Naperville letter to the editor: Now that the Senate’s health bill (BCRA) has come out from behind closed doors so that it can be examined in the light of day, it is quite apparent that this bill threatens to cause great harm to Illinoisans and our country.


    Democrats count on GOP to cave
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: I was pretty surprised to wake up on Thursday morning after the July Fourth holiday to find out my state Rep,. David Harris was one of the Republicans that was going to vote for a massive tax increase.


    Beware giving too much power to 51 percent
    An Elk Grove Village letter to the editor: Regarding a July 7 letter to the editor, Mr. Troland’s comments offered only “assumed or accepted facts.”


    Costly lack of leadership over Des Plaines police
    A Barrington Hills letter to the editor: Your article in the July 13 issue about the Des Plaines cop getting his job back shows how little attention the leadership of the Des Plaines Police Department puts on protecting the taxpayer’s pocketbook.


    A story that restores faith
    A Barrington letter to the editor: The wonderful story of the brave rescue by ordinary citizens of swimmers caught in the undertow on a Florida beach lifted my heart.


    Health care bill would hit Illinoisans hard
    A La Grange letter to the editor: A June 29 article described Congress’ most recent attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut Medicaid as being a last-ditch effort by the majority party to make good on a campaign promise.


    Wage hike for caregivers to disabled is important
    A letter to the editor: We congratulate our state leaders for coming through with a budget, and appreciate that additional support addressing the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been included in this important legislation.


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